Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: The Space Between Trees

Book: The Space Between Trees by Katie Williams
Pages: 256 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Source: Bought
Not your everyday coming-of-age novel
This story was supposed to be about Evie how she hasn't made a friend in years, how she tends to stretch the truth (especially about her so-called relationship with college drop-out Jonah Luks), and how she finally comes into her own once she learns to just be herself but it isn't. Because when her classmate Elizabeth "Zabet" McCabe's murdered body is found in the woods, everything changes and Evie's life is never the same again.

My Thoughts:First off, I have to say that this cover is B-E-A-UTIFUL! It’s one of the main reasons I got it (the other being the synopsis). The cover opens up and has spaces between trees (hence The Space between Trees).

Time to start the actual review of the writing; let’s do bad things first. The main character Evie seemed a little too immature for her age (she’s sixteen, but at times acts like a six year old when around Jonah). She also wasn’t really the kind of character I would want to put my shoes into. I mean, she stood up for her new found friend Hadley (who was the best friend of the person found dead in the woods), but when Hadley would recommend something like tracking down the dead person’s killer, she’d wimp out-eventually, she did it, but still…she’s still a wimp.

Also, for a teacher of writing, Katie Williams writing isn’t that well written. She tends to describe things in Evie’s thoughts and then have her say the same things aloud-which kind of bugs me.

Now for the good things! I really liked how the author kept me guessing all through the story. Who I thought was the killer really wasn’t at the end and I LOVED that; and her describing is really good and I felt like I was there with Evie and Hadley, trying to figure out who killed their classmate/friend. My favorite character in The Space Between Trees had to be Hadley-she’s bright, strong, and funny.

All in all, The Space Between Trees was a fun mystery read that sent me spiraling through questions like “Who did it?” and “What’s going to happen next?” This book will keep you guessing till the end. If you’re a fan of mystery books, I suggest you get it.

Writing: 7/10

Setting: 8/10

Characters: 7/10

Plot: 9/10

Cover: 10/10

Ending: 4/5

45/55=81% B+


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