Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Crash Into Me

Book: Crash Into Me by Albert Borris
Pages: 257 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Bought
Release Date: July 21, 2009
Series: Nay (N/A)
Synopsis: Owen, Frank, Audrey, and Jin-Ae have one thing in common: they all want to die. When they meet online after each attempts suicide and fails, the four teens make a deadly pact: they will escape together on a summer road trip to visit the sites of celebrity suicides...and at their final destination, they will all end their lives. As they drive cross-country, bonding over their dark impulses, sharing their deepest secrets and desires, living it up, hooking up, and becoming true friends, each must decide whether life is worth living--or if there's no turning back. 
My Thoughts: 
I really enjoyed reading Ellen Hopkins’s novel Crank so I decided to try another story that fell into the same genre. Crash Into Me was a great read and I’m glad I got it!
The characters were brilliantly written. Each of them had their own stories and even though the book was told in Owen’s POV, I felt like Frank, Audrey, and Jin-Ae were narrating as well. I have to say that Audrey was my favorite character because she spoke her mind. Also, she helped the other characters overcome their fears.

I loved how they went on a road trip and visited the graves of Superstars who had committed suicide. Albert Borris must’ve done a lot of research because there were some stars that even I didn’t know who had killed themselves.  I also liked how Borris incorporated that into the story and had the characters find something in them from that without bogging it down.

Overall, Crash Into Me is definitely a book you want to pick up if you like raw stories like Crank by Ellen Hopkins or Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser. The Cover is cool too and it actually shows a lot of things that have to do with the book.
Grade: 4.5 Stars


  1. I find the concept of this book really dark (but interesting, I'm drawn to dark novels). Thanks for the review! I'm glad to hear it holds up :)

  2. Hey nice review:) I gave this novel 3/5 stars in my review, I really liked it. Reminded me of " A long way down" by Nick Hornby, but was a better, funnier read imo.


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