Thursday, June 30, 2011

Character Book Picks: Melaia from Breath of Angel

If you had asked a year ago about my favorite books, I wouldn’t have known what you meant. I only recently saw a book for the first time. The High Priestess thought it was a money box – I suppose because it had a wooden cover. Benasin told us it was a codex. Since then I’ve seen a few other books at Aubendahl and in the palace library at Redcliff. But that first book is my favorite, because it was written by Dreia, angel guardian of the Wisdom Tree. It contains sayings and riddles and three very intriguing pages that show . . . well, I’d better not say if you’re planning on reading my story.

But while we don’t have many books, we do have scrolls. Here are a few of my favorites:
Herbs and the Herbal - a book of healing remedies and procedures for all kinds of illnesses and injuries
Songs of the Healer - lyrics only; as a chantress I learned the melodies from an older priestess 
Songs of Mourning

Songs for Joyous Occasions - I’ve made up my own melodies to some of these lyrics.

The Ranks - I first saw this scroll at Aubendahl when Livia showed me the ranks of angels.

Prayers Before Rest - I read aloud from this book to the novices each night before bedtime.

Word Dances - I found this scroll at Wodehall in the Durenwoods. It’s a delightful book of meditations of the sylvans, earth angels who live in the woods.

Comportment - I found this scroll in the queen mother’s trunk. I think she wrote it in hopes of helping her daughter Tahn (at one time the queen) behave like royalty.

My own scroll - I keep a journal, writing as Dreia did, gathering my own bits of wisdom and scribing them so I can leave something of myself behind when I’m gone.

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