Friday, June 17, 2011

TBS GIVEAWAY + Deborah Cooke's Teen Garage Sale (Author of Flying Blind)

Deborah Cooke's Teen Garage Sale
(What's funny is that I think this actually happened. When I moved away, my mom cleaned out my old room - if I hadn't taken it, I clearly didn't want it!)

1. Well worn North Star running shoes. (These were IT when I was in high school. Everyone had to have them.)

2. Rainbow striped toe socks, nearly new condition. (Also IT, but very uncomfortable to wear.)

3. Used camping gear from Girl Guide Camp. (The jack knife was rusty because I never took care of it properly.)

4. Used vinyl records. (Donny Osmond would have featured prominently in a teenage clean out. I was negotiating to attend Queen concerts instead.)

5. My old reliable bike, the one with no gears and brakes that engaged when I pedalled backwards. 

6. Encyclopedia Brittanica. (With autumn leaves still pressed between the pages.)

7. Half of my Barbies, the ones I didn't like so much, with clothes, shoes and accessories. (The faves were carefully packed away. I'm not sure why.)

8. A well-used red cassette tape recorder, still operable but unreliable.  (Used to tape songs off the radio. I bought a better one when I got a job.)

9. There should have been paperbacks. Instead, I kept most of them for another decade or two. Right when they had accrued some value, I took them to Goodwill.

10. Sensible Christmas and birthday gifts - like underwear and socks. Gifts should be fun, don't you think?

11. Thumbtacks. I covered my walls with posters, which drove my dad crazy. Packed the posters, left the holes!
GIVEAWAY: One copy of Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke
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