Friday, February 17, 2012

Author Interview: Julie Chibbaro

Where's your favorite place to read/write?  My office is a little room on the top floor of my little house and it’s sunny and cozy, a perfect place to think and write and read.  I have a very comfortable couch up here, with one of those warm fuzzy blankets, and the temptation is great to leave my desk and go to that couch and read till I fall asleep.  But I resist.

If you could be one character in your novel who would you be?  I would be Prudence, my main character.  She’s got a lot more nerve than me!  And I think she is stronger than me in resisting peer pressure.  I didn’t do so well in that area in high school.  Or now.

Who's your favorite YA book character?  Carolina in R.A. Nelson’s novel Teach Me.  She’s so deep and wild.  I like how she takes her own path, and is so daring in her thoughts and actions.  Also, I understand her obsessions.

Who/what are some inspirations?  The past is a whole different planet that inspires me – I love to go back into history and see what people were doing and how they were living.  I like to imagine myself then, and what I would do in their place. 

Where's your favorite vacation spot?  Prague.  I lived in Prague for four years, and it is the most beautiful city.  The ancient architecture, the palace buildings, the cathedrals, the orchards, the bridges, the river.  Oh, I wish I could go back!

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