Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review Six: Sphinx's Queen

Book: Sphinx's Queen By: Esther Friesner
Pages: 368
Publisher: Random House
How I received: Won
Synopsis:Ancient Egypt springs to life in this enthralling sequel to Sphinx’s Princess. As she did in Nobody’s Princess and Nobody’s Prize, author Esther Friesner offers readers a fresh look at an iconic figure, blending historical fiction and mythology in a heady concoction.
Hunted . . . Overnight, every aspect of Nefertiti’s life has changed. She is no longer living at the royal palace as the intended bride of the crown prince. Instead, she is being chased by the prince and his soldiers for a crime she did not commit.
Hidden . . . Traveling with two of her dearest friends, including the crown prince’s brother, who helped her escape, Nefertiti takes shelter in the wild hills along the Nile’s west bank. She must rely on her own resourcefulness and skills (all those secret archery lessons prove very useful) as the fugitives fight to survive.
Haunted . . . But the need for justice gnaws at Nefertiti. She is determined to plead her case to the Pharaoh and set things right. As she begins to question long-held sacred beliefs—a questioning that could alter the fabric of Egyptian society—her extraordinary journey from commoner to royalty brings adventure, intrigue, and romance.

My Thoughts: One word: Ireaditinaday! This sequel was so good and I was so sad when I finished it since it’s the last book for the Egyptian theme books. As I said in the first books review, Friesner sure did her research. I did a report on Egypt that took a whole year to finish and spent hours on researching for it and I still learned new things.
SPOILER AHEAD! Her characters were awesome sauce and they all developed through the series. I was actually kind of sad when one of the characters, well, died. SPOILER OVER!
Nefertiti was a girl that I really admired and wanted to be. She’s smart, funny, and downright cool. I loved her relationship with Amenophis and Nava. I could feel her emotions coming off the pages.
The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the somewhat modern language. I give this book an B.


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