Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day of Remembrance: 9/11

A Day of Remembrance: 9/11
As (hopefully) most of the Americans out there know that 9/11/2001 was a day of terror and sadness. This was the day where terrorists attacked the twin towers and the pentagon. Almost 3,000 innocent people were killed and at least one person died from exposure to dust from the attack.
A lot of people-in the US in other contries-were affected by this severely. I was only four or five when this happened, but I still remember when my mom turned on the television and started to cry when she saw the news. It was a sad day for everyone and it will be a day that we will all remember.


Love is the Higher Law By: David Levithan
I don't have this one...yet. I shall get it though! It seems pretty cool looking with the twin tower memorial on the cover. Here's the synopsis:
The lives of three teens—Claire, Jasper, and Peter—are altered forever on September 11, 2001. Claire, a high school junior, has to get to her younger brother in his classroom. Jasper, a college sophomore from Brooklyn, wakes to his parents’ frantic calls from Korea, wondering if he’s okay. Peter, a classmate of Claire’s, has to make his way back to school as everything happens around him.

Here are three teens whose intertwining lives are reshaped by this catastrophic event. As each gets to know the other, their moments become wound around each other’s in a way that leads to new understandings, new friendships, and new levels of awareness for the world around them and the people close by.

David Levithan has written a novel of loss and grief, but also one of hope and redemption as his characters slowly learn to move forward in their lives, despite being changed forever.


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