Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book Blogger Hop (10) and Follow My Book Blog (6)

This Weeks Question: Since Thanksgiving is coming up next week, let's use this week's Hop to share what we are most thankful for and what our holiday traditions are!
I'm thankful for my followers, my friends, my family, and zombies. A tradition at my house is that we fast on thanksgiving until dinner...and then we stuff our faces full of food!

This Weeks Question: When did you start book blogging?
My Answer: Just a little over three months ago:)
Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Crazy for Books while Follow my Book Blog Friday is hosted at Parajunkee's View.


  1. ^^ you've been blogging just slightly longer than me~~ Once I read a few more of these follow friday posts maybe I can discern some pattern on drop-out rate of book bloggers.

    New follower stopping by from Follow Friday~~

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

  2. New follower from the Blog Hops. Look forward to reading your posts.

    ~ Melissa

  3. Hi, Danna! Old follower here. :) Just enjoy the blogging experience. The book blogger community is awesome!

    Have a nice weekend!

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  4. Hopping through! Old follower.
    I've been book blogging about 6 months. I had a food/fitness blog before that. Book blogging is more fun, I think.
    My Hop

  5. Happy Follow Friday , this is my first one , new follower. Have a great weekend.


  6. Wow, I really really love your blog!
    I adore cupcakes and ice cream and they way you've got them here is sooo cute!!!!

    New follower hopping by to say hi!

    Come check me out?

  7. Hey! Old follower just stopping by for FF. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads (Twitter)
    Check out my first giveaway!

  8. New follower! I love your theme. :) Looking forward to your posts.

    -Cialina from

  9. Hoppin' along! I adore your layout!

  10. Just hoppin' on by, Danna. <3

    I've been blogging a bit longer than you (technically, at least). But we've been doing it for about the same time. :)

    Have a great weekend! <3
    Kristina @ Frazzled Book Nommer.

  11. How long have I been book blogging? Too long!

    How long is too long?

    I was blogging from my official website about the interactive fiction books
    I was writing before the words "blog" and "blogging" entered the English

    And I blogged a lot about many things -- not just books.

    I need to blog off topic a little more, I think. I don't want people to the
    idea I'm too two dimensional!

    Thank God It's Follow Friday!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Howard Sherman

  12. Just stopping by from FF to say hi and hope you have a good weekend

  13. I'm a new GFC follower and am looking forward to reading your posts! Have a great weekend!

    What Book is That?

  14. Hi I only started blogging a week ago. I followed you :D


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