Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bree Despain Launch Party/Signing pictures

That's Bree on the side in green getting ready for her book talk!
 Bree talking about The Lost Saint. She said she didn't wear blue because she's short and would look like a smirf:( She's still taller than me:P

She signed it! She signed it!

Me and Bree. My hair's a mess and I look weird, but Bree looks pretty awesome!

I had tons of fun and hearing her answers to the questions during the book talk was cool. Plus, there were cookies there. COOKIES!!! Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures...my dad took all of them and there wasn't a lot to photograph. She did give out nail-polish and book marks (which I forgot to grab dangit!). Anyway, thanks for reading!


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