Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

Book: Solid by Shelley Workinger
Pages: 222 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: July 9, 2010
Grade: C+
Source: Received from author for honest review
  Eighteen years ago, a rogue Army doctor secretly experimented with a chromosomal drug on unknowing pregnant women. When he was killed not long after the children were born, any knowledge and evidence seemed to die with him - except for the living, breathing, human products of his work. Almost two decades later, the newly self-proclaimed "open-book" military unearths the truth about the experiment, bringing Clio Kaid and the other affected teens to a state-of-the-art, isolated campus where they soon discover that C9x did indeed alter their chromosomes, its mutations presenting as super-human abilities. The military kids, who come from across the nation and all walks of life, come into their own as lighter-than-air 'athletes'; 'indies' as solid as stone walls; teens who can make themselves invisible and others who can blind with their brilliance. While exploring her own special ability, forging new friendships and embarking on first love, Clio also stumbles onto information indicating that the military may not have been entirely forthcoming with them and that all may not be as it seems...
My Thoughts:
  The story of Solid is an enjoyable one and I’m glad I got the chance to read it. The thought of genetically altered kids is a commonly used idea, but Shelley Workinger makes it sound new.
  The characters were plausible and fun. My favorite was Jack because he was creative and smart. He also juggled (which is a cute trait in a guy). I didn’t like how the relationships were like though. Clio, Bliss, Miranda, Jack, and Garret became friends instantly which doesn’t sound realistic to me.  Also, the relationship between Clio and Jack was really flat. It felt all physical and not at all emotional. Plus, she was obsessed with the guy in the first thirty pages of the book.
  To me, the emotions weren’t expressed the right way. The teenage characters sounded like adults at some times and I couldn’t picture myself being any of them. And the way some of them talked and acted didn’t make sense. It felt very fake to me.
  Solid is an exciting book, but it could’ve been better.  I do want to read the sequel because it was interesting to follow Clio in her search for self discovery. If you like science fiction, you should like Solid.
Grade: C+


  1. I like science fiction :O I got this book to review, as well, and I'm really curious about reading it. :) Thank you for the review, Danna! ♥

  2. I do like the premise of this one though it's too bad the character relationships aren't as strong as they could have been. And I like when romantic relationships take a little bit longer than 30 pages to form so I think I'll wait on this one a bit:) Thanks for the honest review!


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