Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: The Darlings Are Forever

Book: The Darlings Are Forever by Melissa Kantor
Pages: 336 Pages
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release Date: January 4, 2011
Source: Publisher
Grade: 3.5 Stars
Jane, Victoria, and Natalya. Together, they are the Darlings. Best friends forever. They have matching necklaces, their own table at Ga Ga Noodle, and even a shared motto: May you always do what you’re afraid of doing.
When the friends begin freshman year at three different high schools in distant corners of New York City, they promise to live by their motto and stay as close as ever. The Darlings know they can get through anything as long as they have each other. But doing scary new things is a lot easier with your friends beside you. And now that the girls aren’t spending all their time together, everything they took for granted about their friendship starts to feel less certain. They can’t help but wonder, will they really be the Darlings forever?
My Thoughts:

I haven’t read any of Melissa Kantor’s books, but I have wanted to for a while so I was glad to receive a copy for review.

The Darlings are three best friends (Jane, Victoria, and Natalya) who are about to start high school. The thing is that they’re going to different high schools! I found it enjoyable how even though they were going to different schools, they still found time to be best friends. I think that my favorite character was Victoria. I could relate to her because she was the “goody two shoes” in the group.

There was a little budding romance in this book and I really liked that it didn’t interfere with the big picture. It added zing while still being tasteful. I loved Colin and Jack. Colin was the cute nerdish boy that Natalya liked while Jack was the photograph hottie Victoria liked. I felt bad for Jane because there wasn’t really a boy that she had a crush on.

The changing POVS for every chapter got me a little confused at times and the idea of this story wasn’t very original, but overall I liked it. This is definitely a friend bonding story that girls of every age will enjoy.
Grade:3.5 Stars

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