Friday, February 25, 2011

Review: Mad Love

Book: Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors 
Pages: 336 Pages 
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers 
Release Date: January 4, 2011 
Where to find the author: Web 
Grade: 4 Stars 
Source: Publisher

When you're the daughter of the bestselling Queen of Romance, life should be pretty good. But 16-year-old Alice Amorous has been living a lie ever since her mother was secretly hospitalized for mental illness. After putting on a brave front for months, time is running out. The next book is overdue, and the Queen can't write it. Alice needs a story for her mother—and she needs one fast.
That's when she meets Errol, a strange boy who claims to be Cupid, who insists that Alice write about the greatest love story in history: his tragic relationship with Psyche. As Alice begins to hear Errol's voice in her head and see things she can't explain, she must face the truth—that she's either inherited her mother's madness, or Errol is for real.
My Thoughts:
I have a thing for Greek mythology, so when I got this book for review, I was ecstatic. I haven’t read any of Suzanne’s other novels, but I am going to. And very soon.

Alice Amorous, the daughter of the Queen of Romance, has a very stressful life. Her mother is bipolar and in the hospital and she has to pretend to be her by signing fan letters and going to events for her mom. The biggest thing is that her mother already got the money for her unwritten book and if the publishing company doesn’t get it, they’ll have to pay it all back with her royalties (and that’s what they pay the bills with). I could really relate to Alice because she was the kind who being with romance books all her life didn’t have any in hers at all…at least until Tony and Errol showed up.

The Greek mythology in this book was nice. I liked how Suzanne changed it up a bit and made it more interesting. Errol (Cupid) was believable enough and he wasn’t a god like the myths say. Instead, his life was just expanded until his contract was up. I found that I wanted more of Errol telling his story of him and Psyche.

The relationship in this story was good too. I liked how Tony and Alice liked each other and didn’t love each other at first. Tony was really sweet and totally swoon worthy. It was cute when he got jealous of Errol.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it took half of it for Alice to get it to her head that Errol was Cupid. It made it slow and hard to read, but once she understood it, the book took off.

This is the perfect February read and if you like mythology and love, you should get this book. I really liked it and I hope you like it too!

Grade: 4 Stars!

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