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Author Interview: C.C. Hunter and GIVEAWAY:)

Author C.C. Hunter has come to answer some questions on the blog for us. Without further ado, here is my interview with C.C.!

Describe Born At Midnight in three words: 

Oh, wow. Just three words, huh?  That could be a problem.  I mean, I’m from the South – even my grocery lists are almost as long as my novels.  LOL.  But luckily, I know just the three words:  Paranormal Summer Camp.

How is writing YA fiction different from writing adult fiction? 

That’s a good question.  Actually, there are far more similarities between writing my adult fiction and my YA fiction than there are differences.  For example, I use the same sense of humor in both and sometimes my sense of humor is a little . . . well, whacky is a good word. (My editor tells me I have a smartass sense of humor.  Naturally, I have no idea what she’s talking about.  LOL.)  I also try to make all characters as real as I possibly can by having their present affected by their past heartaches.  I think in so many ways, we are who we are because of our life experiences.  So all my characters come with emotional baggage.  It’s my job as writer to help them get rid of it.

Now, as for the differences . . . well, my adult fiction is humorous romantic suspense novels and I write YA paranormal romances.  I focus a lot more attention on the romance and humor with the adult books.  There are no vampires, werewolves, or other non-human characters.  Just good-looking, soft-hearted tough guys.  My YA’s are darker, and a tad more angsty.  I don’t really change my writing voice; I just tell a different story, and get into the POV character and relate the story from that character’s perspective. 

Do you have a playlist for Born At Midnight? If so, what songs were on it?

Honestly, I don’t listen to music with lyrics when I’m writing. I can’t afford to.  I like to get lost in my writing so songs with lyrics would just be too distracting.

Now, as for creating a song playlist for Born At Midnight . . . hmm.  That is a good question.  I really think I need help with this one.  So, for those of you who’ve read the book, what do you think?  Any suggestions?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Hmm.  I guess the answer to that one really depends on whom you ask.  LOL.  I could tell you about the time I tossed a glass bottle at a cop car windshield and called the driver a pig.  I ended up in handcuffs.  However, as crazy as that seems, it was over as soon as the director said “Cut.”  I was an extra in a movie years ago.  I’m really not crazy enough to take on the cops.  Actually, I don’t do as many crazy things as crazy things just happen to me.  Like the time I was inappropriately touched by an elephant in a zoo in front of about a hundred people.  Those elephants have suction cups at the end of their trucks and he had a hold of my boob for a good three minutes.  Talk about embarrassing!  I always thought my hubby would defend me if anyone made such a forward pass at me.  Instead, he was laughing along with the other ninety-nine people.

How did you come up with the idea for Born At Midnight?

I wish I could tell you that it was all my idea.  That I’m just that brilliant.  But honestly, an editor had planted the seed of the idea in my mind.  She did it with two words, too:  “paranormal camp.”  (Now you know how I was able to answer that first question in just three words, huh?  Lol.)

Anyway, that’s all she said.  “Paranormal camp.”  So I asked, “What kind of paranormals?”  She answered, “That’s up to you.”  I then asked, “Who is the main character?”  She answered, “That’s up to you, too.”  I asked, “Is the main character a paranormal?”  You know what she said, right?  Yep.  She said, “That’s up to you.”  We went on like that for a while but in the end, I took those two words, “paranormal camp,” and went to work on creating the world that is now Shadow Falls. 

If you could meet any YA book character in person, who would you meet?

Oh, wow.  You’ve got some great questions, Danna!  Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is about how I’d like to meet Bella from the Twilight series and ask her what the heck she was thinking when she chose Edward over Jacob.  LOL. Just kidding.  I totally get why she chose Edward, but you can’t hate a girl for liking a hot werewolf, either!

Thanks so much for Danna for asking me to join you today at your blog.  Now, I’d like to ask all your readers to answer one of your questions.  Come on, I shouldn’t be the only person telling all my secrets.  

Now for the giveaway time! You can win a Born at Midnight swag pack thanks to C.C. Hunter.  
Here are the rules:
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