Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look At This!: My Top Five List of Authors I'd Like To Meet

I was looking at my posts and  I realized that most all of them are reviews! I have no problem with reviews, in fact I love them! But I also love feature posts-making and reading them-so I decided to make a Look At This! feature. I've actually made a music meme before (which is different than a feature), but I wasn't that good at organization and a popular blogger actually took the idea and made the same meme on her blog except she changed the name and said she came up with the idea:( I'm only fifteen and I can be a bit sensitive sometimes so I decided against writing up those kinds of posts until recently. Sorry for the kind of big explanation! Now onto my top five authors I'd like to meet!
1. Kelley Armstrong-I LOVE LOVE LOVED The Summoning Series and it was actually one of the first young adult book series I read.
2. Courtney Allison Moulton-I've heard that she's really nice and I really liked Angelfire.
3. Kiersten White-She's actually coming to sign in Salt Lake City and I can't wait. Paranormalcy was a really bleeping awesome read.
4. Carrie Ryan-This lady created my favorite series, you know that one zombie series? She came to Utah recently and I totally missed her. GRRR
5. Stephen King-I love Stephen King's writing. He's a genius and that's all I can say.

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