Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

Vampire novels have been becoming less and less popular in my opinion over the years, but The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda is not one of those books. In the world of The Hunt, vampires are the rulers and humans are the prey. Humans have basically gone endangered and Gene is a boy pretending to be a vampire in order to survive when his lottery number gets called and he has to join the hunt.

This book reminded me a lot of Daybreakers, a bloody vampire movie that came out in 2009 in which 95% of the human race had turned into vampires. The Hunt however doesn’t say how the vampires came to be it just says how the human race has been diminishing because of them.

The romance part of the novel ruined some of the book for me because it was all action packed and then Gene would go and say he needed Ashley June even though he had just started talking to her while in training for the hunt. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading the book and the author had very creative words and names for things, for example, for the humans he would call them Hepers and there were weapons called FLUNs.  It was also very refreshing because of the male perspective.

The Hunt is a book a lot of people will enjoy and the second book is coming out early 2013. 

*Thank you St. Martins for this book!

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