Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Semi-Charmed Life by Nora Zelevansky

 In Nora Zelevansky’s hilarious debut, Semi-Charmed Life, an Upper West Side naïf, Beatrice Bernstein, gets swept up in the seemingly magical life of socialite Veruca Pfeffernoose, while ghost writing her blog. Veruca’s glitteringly opulent world soon seduces Beatrice away from her own insular, arty family with a promise of fancy parties, travel outside Manhattan (for once) and one desperately cute guy. But when her new glitzy lifestyle starts to take on dark undertones, Beatrice has to decide who she is—once and for all. With her own magical touch, Zelevansky deftly explores the world of rarified Manhattan in this sparkling modern fairy tale of first love, finding one’s voice and growing up.

There aren’t really words to describe was Semi-Charmed Life was about. There’s a girl named Beatrice who starts running a blog for the amazingly rich socialite Veruca Pfeffernoose (this is where I laugh uncontrollably at the last name (sorry if you have this last name and I've offended you)) and her life changes dramatically. The author was very descriptive and I felt like I was there with “Bea” getting an oxygen facial or partying it up with Johnny Depp. Veruca Pfeffernoose’s lifestyle was completely semi-unreal. I get that she was rich, but that rich? Come on, her apartment floor had a jungle inside of it.

I loved Beatrice’s character because she was sweet, humble, and different. Her family was very strange and I can see why they thought she was the outcast. Beatrice's character develops really well and she gets to see for herself what the outside world is like, what fame is like. I would’ve loved to read more about the back stories of Veruca’s group though.

This review is going to be short and sweet; I liked the book and it was cute and funny. The whole journey was very entertaining to read about and I think the readers get a look into the lives of real socialites (like Paris Hilton) by reading this book. If you liked Lauren Conrad’s novels or watching Paris Hilton’s (or the Kardashian's) reality shows, you might like this book. 3.5 Stars.

*received a free copy from St.Martin's, does not effect my thoughts/feelings on this novel. Picture and summary from goodreads.

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