Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: Love and Other Foreign Words

Love and Other Foreign Words, I'll admit, had me at it's title, because I just thought "yes" love is indeed a foreign word. This book was something that I, and I'm sure thousands of others, can relate to on many different levels. I could not put it down; within the first chapter, I was completely hooked.
Can anyone be truly herself--or truly in love--in a language that's not her own?Sixteen-year-old Josie lives her life in translation. She speaks High School, College, Friends, Boyfriends, Break-ups, and even the language of Beautiful Girls. But none of these is her native tongue--the only people who speak that are her best friend Stu and her sister Kate. So when Kate gets engaged to an epically insufferable guy, how can Josie see it as anything but the mistake of a lifetime? Kate is determined to bend Josie to her will for the wedding; Josie is determined to break Kate and her fiancé up. As battles are waged over secrets and semantics, Josie is forced to examine her feelings for the boyfriend who says he loves her, the sister she loves but doesn't always like, and the best friend who hasn't said a word--at least not in a language Josie understands.

Summary: Josie is, in all reality, a genius. Her IQ is off the charts, and she understands the incomparable; equations made for super computers, the study on foreign languages, but the one thing she can't seem to understand is people. She knows the languages that people speak, but it's so different from the language that Josie knows. She thinks so differently from other people. This book is about Josie trying to find someone who speaks her language. She tries to give love advice -- which is harsh advice, but said with good intentions -- but she gets constantly reminded that she has never been in love herself. She wants to fall in love because that's the only way to convince her sister that her fiance is insufferable and tearing them apart. 

PROS: This book is honestly one of the most interesting novels that I have had the pleasure of reading. If you like John Green and/or Rainbow Rowell -- which I do, because, I mean, who doesn't? -- you will thoroughly enjoy this. Josie is such and interesting person, the way she thinks is so intriguing and I just wanted to jump in the book and become her best friend. All of he characters are extremely well thought out, they all have history and backgrounds, something that you don't find in many books. I could go on forever about all the things that I loved about this book.

CONS: There was only one con and that was, since Josie is such a genius, she has a very large vocabulary, I actually had to take out a dictionary to figure out what the hell she was saying. But even with that, came a positive, I love learning new words!

Rate: This book was kinda like my book soul-mate. 5 out of 5 books (because books are better than stars)

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