Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: Fat Angie

I was extremely excited about this book from the beginning, I had heard quotes, small synopses, and I just thought "This is going to be a book I'll remember", and, well, I haven't forgotten it yet.
Her sister was captured in Iraq, she’s the resident laughingstock at school, and her therapist tells her to count instead of eat. Can a daring new girl in her life really change anything?
Angie is broken — by her can’t-be-bothered mother, by her high-school tormenters, and by being the only one who thinks her varsity-athlete-turned-war-hero sister is still alive. Hiding under a mountain of junk food hasn’t kept the pain (or the shouts of "crazy mad cow!") away. Having failed to kill herself — in front of a gym full of kids — she’s back at high school just trying to make it through each day. That is, until the arrival of KC Romance, the kind of girl who doesn’t exist in Dryfalls, Ohio. A girl who is one hundred and ninety-nine percent wow! A girl who never sees her as Fat Angie, and who knows too well that the package doesn’t always match what’s inside. With an offbeat sensibility, mean girls to rival a horror classic, and characters both outrageous and touching, this darkly comic anti-romantic romance will appeal to anyone who likes entertaining and meaningful fiction.
Summary: My summary is the books summary. It contains horror, love, depression, and anything else that you would want in a book. 
PROS: This book really touched me. It was funny, I love Angie and her personality, but I also love the message of the book as a whole. What this girl goes through, and how she reacts to things, actually makes me respect her. I couldn't do what Fat Angie does. Her whole life is a mess, and I thought that it made this book much more enticing. I didn't have a desire to put it down. I read this book in two hours. 
CONS: I thought that everything that was happening to her was a bit much. I wouldn't take anything out of it, every page was important, but every page also broke my heart. 
Rate: This novel inspired me, and made me appreciate what I have in this world. I love Fat Angie. I love the novel, and the girl. 5 out of 5 books (because books are better than stars)

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a really good book
    This is the first time I hear about it though
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