Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: The Stepsister's Tale

This is a book I was definitely excited for, I love reading fairy tales, especially when they're twisted or told from a different perspective.

What really happened after the clock struck midnight?
Jane Montjoy is tired of being a lady. She's tired of pretending to live up to the standards of her mother's noble family—especially now that the family's wealth is gone and their stately mansion has fallen to ruin. It's hard enough that she must tend to the animals and find a way to feed her mother and her little sister each day. Jane's burden only gets worse after her mother returns from a trip to town with a new stepfather and stepsister in tow. Despite the family's struggle to prepare for the long winter ahead, Jane's stepfather remains determined to give his beautiful but spoiled child her every desire.
When her stepfather suddenly dies, leaving nothing but debts and a bereaved daughter behind, it seems to Jane that her family is destined for eternal unhappiness. But a mysterious boy from the woods and an invitation to a royal ball are certain to change her fate….
From the handsome prince to the evil stepsister, nothing is quite as it seems in Tracy Barrett's stunning retelling of the classic Cinderella tale.
Summary: Jane is a hardworking girl who is taking care of a once wealthy, but now poor family. Instead of attending balls and being swept off her feet, she is milking cows and sheep, scrubbing floors, making meals. But, wait, wasn't that Cinderella's job? When Isabella (Cinderella) arrives, she is one of the most beautiful girls Jane has ever laid eyes on. But, she has never lifted a finger in her life. The girl is honestly spoiled, and Jane really does hate how fancy her clothes are and how she refuses to do any work. When the girls father dies, all Isabella does is mope around by the fire places, drawing pictures in the ashes. And once the royal ball comes, things just get even more questionable. 
PROS: I loved the way that this book was entirely its own, while sticking to the original plot of the original story. Everything makes perfect sense and it all fits so well together. I love Jane, and it's important to have a main character that is enjoyable to read about, she keeps her family and the books together. 
CONS: I don't want to spoil anything, but compared to the rest of the book, I found the ending a little bit lacking, the author seemed to just cut is off short and I wish there would've been just a little more. 
Rate: The book in its entirety was excellent, and a definite suggestion, but I can't really get over how much I would've loved a really good ending. 4 out of 5 books (because books are better than stars) 

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