Monday, May 16, 2011

This or That List Littleberry from What Comes After

 Littleberry's This or That List

 Black or White

Doc Martens, and by that I mean black if it’s the color of my Doc Martens.

Summer or Winter

It’s all good. Spring, fall. I’d like to live somewhere where they have some seasons I never heard of yet.

Fast Food or Home Cooked Meal

You know that smoked cheddar me and Iris made, with the apple wood? I like that a lot. That and a cup of coffee. I’m pretty sure Iris likes that the best, too, though she also said I have to try Whoopie Pies and lobster rolls some time, and the way she talks about them back up where she’s from in Maine, they’re kind of already my favorites even though I never tasted them yet. So I guess sort of a home-cooked meal if that’s the meal.

TV or Reading

I kind of like being out in the world doing stuff more than either one of those, to tell you the truth, although I’m kind of into comic books and graphic novels, so I guess reading if that’s what you’re talking about. Iris is a big reader, and she’s a real good writer. I like to read stuff she wrote, like this play she wrote one time called “Dinner at the Tutens’.” That one cracked me up.

 Dog or Cat

Man, I don’t know. That old dog of Iris’s, or I guess her Aunt Sue’s—Gnarly—he’s an all right dog. I like those goats a lot, especially the little ones, the kids, Huey and Louie. Sorry I didn’t ever get to meet their little brother Dewey. And don’t tell Iris this, but I like those ferrets of Mr. and Mrs. Tuten’s too—Hob and Jill.

Fruit or Vegetable

Not sure. I don’t think Whoopie Pies or Lobster Rolls or goat cheese is either one. I guess apples are OK. And what’s rutabaga?

 Rain or Snow

Ever since Iris told me about how the goats don’t like rain OR snow I kind of decided I don’t either. Not sure why. Maybe I’m partly a goat myself, or like a goat that got reincarnated as a guy.

  Right Handed or Left Handed

I read that only ten percent of people are left handed, so I guess I choose that one since I don’t like to be like everybody else too much. I also heard ten percent of people can’t float in the water no matter what, but I wouldn’t want to be one of them. I hope it’s not the same ten percent of people that are both or something. That would be weird.

  Chocolate or Vanilla

Those the only flavors you got? My uncle one time made rutabaga ice cream. It was disgusting, but also at the same time very interesting and I liked being able to tell people I ate rutabaga ice cream. I’m still not sure what rutabaga is, though. That’s why I asked before.

  Texting or Calling

I’m more of the in-person kind of person. Like, if I want to hang out with somebody I’m most likely to just go over to their house on my Vespa and see what’s going on, see if they want to hang out or whatever. Plus like with Iris, she can ride on the back and I love that when we’re tooling around like that, her and me. You can’t really have that in a text or a phone call.

Water or Soda

Goat milk?

Night or Day

Night is so cool. I totally dig the night. But day—that’s also very cool, and I dig that, too. So maybe like a total eclipse of the sun if that’s an option. The thing is if you live above the Arctic Circle where it’s day for six months and then night for six months, they say people tend to go crazy and get all suicidal and stuff. So probably it’s a good idea that you don’t choose one or the other. Mr. DiDio, the guidance counselor at Craven High School, he told me you always want like this balance in your life, and you should follow the Middle Way. That’s what the Buddhists are all about, so, yeah, I’ll take day AND night. Thanks for asking.

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