Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Falling For Hamlet by Michelle Ray

Book: Falling For Hamlet by Michelle Ray
Pages: 352 Pages
Release Date: July 5th, 2011
Publisher: Poppy
Source: Publisher
Grade: 3.5 Stars
Meet Ophelia: a blonde, beautiful high-school senior and long-time girlfriend of Prince Hamlet of Denmark. Her life is dominated not only by her boyfriend's fame and his overbearing family, but also by the paparazzi who hound them wherever they go. As the devastatingly handsome Hamlet spirals into madness after the mysterious death of his father, the King, Ophelia rides out his crazy roller coaster life, and lives to tell about it. In live television interviews, of course.

My Thoughts:
I love modern retellings and Shakespeare so you can only imagine the excitement I had when I got this book. Hamlet is actually one of the only plays I have read and liked.

Ophelia is a high school senior who lives at the castle with her two best guys; her boyfriend the prince named Hamlet and their best friend Horatio. Their friendship seemed very realistic and I could picture myself living in that big castle with them. I loved how the author added flashbacks of their childhood together, it made the three’s relationship seem more sentimental.

I wish that there had been more of Hamlet and Ophelia spending time together. I didn’t really believe that they loved each other. Ophelia made me mad a lot of the time because I believed that it was her fault messing everything up all the time.

The ending didn’t really do it for me. I just wish there would’ve been more closure with what happened. I wanted more to happen. Overall, I thought that Falling for Hamlet was a great modern retelling and you should read it if you like Shakespeare and not so happy endings. 3.5 Stars!

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