Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog Tour Stop: Top Ten Things That Bring Mary Lindsey Joy

Top Ten Things That Bring Me Joy

10. My 270-gallon fish tank. Love it. My “happy” fish are adorable.

9.  Clean sheets. A clean bed is high on my list of awesome. If I had my way, I’d change my sheets every day, but that would entail unmaking, washing, and making the bed every day, and I’m too lazy for that. I settle for twice a week instead.

8.  R@volution Tea. Dragon Eye is my favorite.

7.  Dark chocolate. This needs no explanation.

6. Giant Anteaters. No. Really. They are one of my absolute favorite things.


5.  The woods. I live near a wooded nature center to fill my need for this. Nature is my “thing.” and the woods are the best!

4.  The ocean. I love the water. I’m especially fond of waves-not being in them, necessarily, but hearing their power. The ocean is something man can’t control or overpower.

3.  Writing. When things are going well with a scene, it’s better than... um, yeah, well, maybe not, but it’s pretty dang awesome. I love writing. If I never sold another book, I’d still write. It’s that enjoyable.

2. My kids. I have three teenagers, two girls and a boy, and they are amazing. The only thing cooler is:

1. My husband.

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