Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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For two years I lived in eastern Iowa, where fields of tall, green corn are an integral part of the landscape. I spent a lot of time driving through them, and this experience was part of the inspiration for the prologue to DARK SOULS. 

For some reason, I address cats I don't know (and some I do) as "monsieur."

People always ask me if I believe in ghosts, and I'm unsure of what to say. Maybe I've seen a ghost and didn't realize it? When I was young I was desperate to see a ghost - preferably of someone glamorous, like Anne Boleyn. Now I write about ghosts, so I get the vicarious thrill.

I seem to be either reading books, writing them, or talking about them. My great escape is a magazine.

Never liked mine, and I think they know it. When my toenails aren't painted, they feel naked.

This was the first place I ever visited in the US (when I was 12, and my family went to Disneyland). Because so many movies and TV shows were/are filmed there, I felt as though I'd stepped onto a set. Everything looked familiar, even though it was very foreign to me at the same time. I still have this feeling whenever I visit California, especially southern California - it's all a little surreal. (When I fly into San Francisco, I always think of the Hitchcock film VERTIGO.I guess the whole state is a film set to me.)

This is a word that (TV cook) Giada Di Laurentiis says a lot. I don't do much that's perfect - and my cooking will NEVER be perfect, I suspect. Because so much to do with writing is trial and error, imperfection is an ongoing fact of life. Every book is an experiment, an adventure.

Something I do every day. Some days are better than others (or easier than others). Some paragraphs I end up laboring over for hours; other sections, like the prologue to DARK SOULS, flow out, impatient to be written down.

Just the thought of this world makes me hanker for a cruller from Krispy Kreme.

One of my favorite things. As a child, I didn't want to give up the afternoon nap. This is possibly one reason I didn't like going to school. 

There are two summers for me - the 'northern' summer, which means summer in the northern hemisphere, where I spend most of my time. Then there's 'summer summer,' which means summer at home in New Zealand. This starts just before Christmas and goes on through January and February. I like to go home to New Zealand at some point every 'summer summer', but I don't think it'll be possible this year.

Dark chocolate. Lots of it. The best cookie in New Zealand (the home of many delicious cookies, known as biscuits): the Afghan, which is chocolate with dense chocolate icing, topped with a piece of walnut. If you go to New Zealand, make sure you eat an Afghan biscuit.
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