Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Discussion: Reading Times

 What I'm reading now: 

Hey guys *waves*! So it's about half way through the first semester of school for me and I've been trying different ways of balancing school and blogging. Having set times for reading has really helped me with that because I know I'll get to something if it's already set in stone for me to do. For me, the times I read at are usually in the morning on the bus to school and after school (on the bus and at home usually after finishing homework). On the weekends, I usually grab a book whenever and enjoy reading it on my bed or at my desk.

When do you guys usually read? Do you have trouble balancing blogging (or just reading in general) with other things?


  1. I usually read before bed and also at lunch since I'm the only one who takes my break at that time. I rarely have time to read in the morning (too busy commenting on blogs :)

  2. I usually try to read at night when I'm too tired for 'real' work but sometimes I'm also too tired for reading and watch reality tv instead. I'm trying to figure out a balance again. Good luck! School and reading and blogging... it can be a lot. I'm in the same boat and I wish there was an easy solution.

  3. It's hard balancing school or work with reading. And, of course, other aspects of your life. Just enjoy what time you have for reading. You will make time for what's important, but there may be periods when there isn't time for recreational reading. I spend some time almost every evening reading. But, my kids are grown, and I don't have a lot of other demands on my time.


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